Today is the day. How to Open Source is now available for purchase at

I shared a pre-release copy of the book with some community members, and here’s what they thought of the book:

“Richard is a rare voice in the open source community: skilled and experienced, but also empathetic, caring and welcoming. If you’re venturing into the open-source bazaar, let Richard be your guide.” - Nate Berkopec, Maintainer of Puma webserver

“Richard does an excellent job of balancing the why of contributing to open source, with the how. This book will help you overcome common challenges folks face when navigating open source projects. If you find yourself on the other side of the table in the future, it will serve as a guide for how to make your project more welcoming to others. This book may be intended for those who already know how to code but is a useful read for anyone with a keen interest in open source.” - Anna Tumadóttir, Chief Operating Officer at Creative Commons

“How To Open Source provides practical, real world examples of getting started in Open Source. This book is a must read for anyone that wants to get started in the open source world.” - Aaron Patterson, Ruby core contributor & cat owner

Read more about the book over at

Launch week is now over

Launch week was Sept 26 to Sept 30, 2022 and is now over. It was an amazing response. Thank you to everyone who bought! I’m sending out invites to the Slack channel and the discount codes have expired.

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