It was a long day when @schneems typed $ git push heroku master, opened his website, and exclaimed "I love Ruby!". Then as if inside of Pee-wee’s Playhouse he heard a voice say: “If you love Ruby so much why don’t you marry her?”. So on December 25th, he got down on one knee with his Grandmother’s engagement ring and proposed to Ruby Ku. She said yes!

You might think that to be the end of the story, dear readers, but it’s just the beginning. Fast forward to March, our young protagonist sits weary on a plane bound for Austin, Tx. He’s been away nearly a month, and has the jet lag to prove it. As he descended the airport escalator, destined to touch foot in the city he calls home, he heard a strange sound. As he lowered, the sound grew, and one-by-one: faces of his friends appeared at the base of the moving steps. As he stepped out he looked for his bride to be, but couldn’t find her. Then his friends part like sea from sky and suddenly…

Did you watch the video?

How are you still reading? Aren’t your eyes filled with tears, and you cheeks cramping from smiling? (I know mine were).

Ruby steps forward holding cue-card style signs. Then, in-time to the boom-box soundtrack, she drops the cards explaining one-by-one why she is in love. As the last card falls she drops to one knee, and with a bottle of 12 year old scotch - proposes to Richard (that’s me). He said yes!

The Couple

Richard met Ruby at a meeting of Austin on Rails when she was learning enough programming to make After many awkward moments, false starts, and months of waiting: he stole a kiss after a midnight social (bike) ride. She launched her company, while his got devoured by Facebook. They moved in together, he got a job at Heroku, her company won a design award from core77, and they found the light of their life: Cinco Dog. She sometimes teaches at Austin Center for Design and He sometimes teaches at the University of Texas. They are both massively addicted to coffee, sunny days, and dachshund kisses.

After their mutual proposals, Ruby and Richard will be married on an urban farm in Austin, Tx on April 27th, 2013. Cinco dog remains single and ready to mingle.

The Journey Begins

Tomorrow brings another sunrise, another sunset, and another day of Richard loving Ruby.